Automotive LED Driver Technology

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The ADI Automotive LED Driver Technology Group focuses on incorporating the state of the art in switching technology, LED dimming, safety, and features to reduce cost and ease design constraints. We produce automotive LED driver products that eliminate EMI concerns, provide the highest conversion efficiency, and incorporate the most advanced PWM and analog dimming. Analog Devices achieves this while maintaining design simplicity at the highest integrated circuit reliability standards in the world. Our products and design services reduce customer development efforts and time to market—allowing lighting designers to focus on performance, aesthetics, and the art of automotive lighting.

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The ADI Difference


With almost two decades of providing low EMI solutions, Analog Devices is the leader in low EMI power solutions. ADI offers the best-in-class EMI with the first-to-market Silent Switcher® technology (created in 2013), application-specific tuned SSFM, and innovative switching techniques.

Chart showing EMI performance of LT8376


ADI’s LED drivers provide the highest power-conversion efficiency on the market. This is critical in space-constrained designs, where the LED driver is mounted very close to the LED assembly in headlamps, tail-lamps, or side-turn indicators. High power-conversion efficiency reduces the thermal budget of the system—allowing more freedom in heatsink design, while reducing the total size of the solution.

Chart showing efficiency vs. Vin performance of ADI LED drivers

Dimming Performance

The dimming performance achieved by ADI’s LED drivers outperforms the competition. While others specify high dimming ratios, these are under ideal conditions or at specific operation conditions. Analog Devices LED drivers provide the specified dimming performance under all conditions. We offer external and internal PWM dimming and excellent analog dimming. In our latest generation of products, a digital signal may be used for analog dimming.

Oscilloscope showing dimming performance of ADI LED drivers


ADI's LED driver products are installed in millions of exterior and interior automotive sockets worldwide, with more than 500 million LED drivers shipped from 2010 to 2020. Over half of these products are deployed in automotive applications, where our proprietary semiconductor process, wafer-level optical inspections, x-ray inspections of packaging, and thorough testing of all functionality and specifications ensure a failure rate better than 1 ppm—exceeding industry standards.

Wafer-level optical inspection image of ADI LED driver

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For each component of the automotive LED driver system, Analog Devices offers a range of solutions to integrate gracefully with your design. Click our interactive module to explore applications, topologies, and products.

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