Missiles and Precision Munitions

Mission-critical expertise

Mission-critical expertise.
Across the entire signal chain.

As global defense agencies become more reliant on precision weapons, the quality, performance, and design of the signal chain are even more mission critical. We support customers with strength in three essential aspects of signal chain design:

  • Comprehensive experience in missiles and munitions
  • The broadest product portfolio in the industry, including MEMS-based gyroscope, accelerometer, and IMU solutions
  • The capability to seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and security throughout the entire signal chain

Our catalog of components and deep expertise in missile and precision munition subsystems deliver solutions for targeting systems, guidance control, ordnance stabilization, and performance in extreme environments.

Targeting Systems

Targeting Systems

We provide targeting and seeker head solutions that enable a high degree of integration and size reduction. Some key areas of expertise include radar illuminator and receiver core technology, high speed/precision converters supporting target acquisition, and fusing and precision detonation.

Guidance Control

Guidance Control

Hypersonic speeds, extremely high g-forces, and flight dynamics create an exceptionally demanding environment for the accurate movement of control surfaces. Analog Devices provides precision sensing and motion systems for both control surfaces and launcher positioning. Our capabilities include precision motor/servo control for guidance, high reliability digital signal processors, and precision RDC/LVDT technology.

Ordnance Stabilization

Ordnance Stabilization

Key to any successful target prosecution is the stability and accuracy of the attitude and position of the munition. Analog Devices is the leader in MEMS-based gyroscope, accelerometer, and IMU solutions, providing systems that meet not only performance, but also the size and geometry requirements of modern munition designs.



Next generation precision guided munitions, including pyrotechnically launched, will incorporate not only advanced guidance, inertial measurement units and motor control, but telemetry back to the launching platform. Missile telemetry will provide performance, damage assessments and verification while in operational flight. Unique challenges occur with high speed projectiles and missiles system which can be overcome with Analog Devices, Inc.’s extensive line of analog components centered around the RadioVerse family of transceivers. The family supports most functions, such as frequency hopping, required for military telemetry.

Surviving Extreme Environments

From the punishing ballistic demands of vibration and acceleration (up to as much as 20,000 g’s), to the extreme temperature ranges in both operating and storage environments, munitions systems and components demand specialized technology and engineering. Analog Devices has the know-how and proficiency to develop solutions capable of performing in even the most severe operational environments. They include:

  • Demonstrated high-g survivability
  • Mounting and geometry considerations
  • Tested temperature range –55°C to +125°C and some up to 210°C

Surviving Extreme Environments

  • Corrosion resistant packaging and wire bonding
  • NiPdAu lead frames to mitigate tin whiskers
  • Hermetically sealed packages
  • Application specific system in package

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

We bring decades of leadership in integrated solutions with the industry’s broadest component portfolio. Our ability to integrate on-chip, in-package, and at the Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU) level can help you better meet your performance, SWaP and reliability goals.

We have complete control of the process, from the bare die to the manufacturing of key components within our modules, which gives you unprecedented obsolescence management and product lifecycle support.

Added to that is comprehensive system-level knowledge, extensive expertise in hi-rel modules/subsystems, and the capability to secure silicon all the way to data output.


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Missiles and Precision Munitions Brochure

Missiles and Precision Munitions Brochure

Learn more about how ADI supports leading-edge munitions with the industry’s most advanced electronics and design expertise.

Download the brochure (PDF)

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