Supply Chain Management

From the first unit to the billionth unit, providing proprietary IC technologies with few if any second sources has heightened our focus on short lead-times, exceptional on-time delivery performance, and manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable products possible.
Economic Prosperity
Choosing the right wafer process for the application depends on many factors. ADI’s manufacturing infrastructure leverages internal and external fabs to maximize the fit to the need -- whether in a very high volume application that can benefit from readily available 300mm foundry production runs or a high precision application that needs outstanding noise immunity and our proprietary wafer process technology.

Our manufacturing infrastructure has the flexibilty to serve both the longest lived applications and the fastest ramping applications. ADI’s commitment and dedication to manufacturing ICs over very long periods of time is fundamental to our business strategy. Each year, approximately 50% of our sales derive from products first introduced 10 or more years ago. This profile has been consistent for decades and given the increasing requirements from customers to avoid product obsolescence, we are investing to ensure that our business maintains this profile long into the future.

Product Life Cycle Information