Social Sustainability

ADI strives to have a positive social impact, not only within our walls for our employees, but in our communities as well.

Training and Education

At ADI, we work in conjunction with our employees to support social well-being and human rights by giving back to our communities and upholding a high standard of business and labor practices.


  • HR Learning and Development Training averaged 22 hours of training for those applicable.
  • In 2015, 76% of trained employees were male, while 24% were female. In 2016, 75% of trainees were male, while 25% were female. (2017 data not available)


All full-time ADI employees are offered tuition reimbursement of up to $5,250 for undergraduate education and $7,500 for graduate education annually in the United States (amounts vary outside the U.S.).

  • Tuition Reimbursement for North America totaled $696,147 in fiscal 2016 and $1,000,205 in fiscal 2017.
  • Education and Development Global Learning Spend: $2,249,833 (2015); $6,313,520 (2016); $2,143,342 (2017)

ADI supports education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through various programs, including:

  • Facilitation of Transition Year Engineering Schools teams
  • Student Robotics Competition
    • 30 primary schools; 1,200 participants; 80 finalists
  • DEIS School programs (delivering equality of opportunity in schools)
    • Time to Count (pilot program engaging 25 students from local – Limerick site – school
    • Time to Read (pilot program engaging 12 students from local – Limerick site – school
  • Schools Business Partnership with CBS Sexton Street
  • Job preparation program
  • Limerick for Engineering
    • 30 company collaboration featuring 20 ADI volunteers
  • National sponsor of Young Scientist
    • 20 ADI volunteers

ADI Limerick also offers higher education benefits.

  • UL Scholarship program
    • R McAdam bursary program
  • LIT Scholarship program
    • Higher education opportunities for financially constrained
  • UCD Scholarship program
  • Limerick CBS
    • Eamon Dillon bursary awards

Education and Continued Growth

ADI strives to provide professional growth programs and events for employees including:

  • LinkedInLearning (digital learning library)
    • Modules include a variety of topics including technical, leadership, management, soft skills, creative and productivity software.
  • ADI Technical University
    • Increases engineering engagement and broadens the experiences of our engineering population throughout the company.
  • Software Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • Internal and External Executive Coaching
  • New College Graduation program (NCG)
  • ICBE Networking opportunities (Limerick)
  • Management Essentials and Advanced Management equip new and existing managers with the core skills to engage, motivate, inspire and lead their teams to success.
    • These unique pathways blend peer learning, learning over time vs. a “one and done” classroom, micro-learning, virtual classroom and small group coaching.
  • Global Early Employee Challenge (GEEC)
    • Targeted for employees with 5 years or less career experience.
    • Business skills development and expanded professional networks
  • Annual General Technical Conference (Boston)
    • Showcasing engineering talent and innovation
    • Technical presentations, interactive workshops, and hands on-demonstrations.
  • Regional Conferences
    • China Technical Conference (CTC) – Limerick Engineering Conference (ADLEC) – ADI Philippines Technical Symposium (ADTS) – Layout Technical Conference – ADI West Conference – India Technical Conference (ITS)
    • Engineers Ireland
    • MBA association (Limerick)