Quality Systems

Analog Devices uses a zero defect approach to deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers. We engage with our customers early throughout the development process and employ a disciplined approach for building in quality and reliability from product conception through release. Utilizing our globally managed, regionally deployed Quality Management Systems, teams and advanced analysis labs, ADI can ensure the highest level of responsiveness to customer quality needs that meet or exceed internationally recognized standards.

Product and Process Development

New Product Development

ADI follows a disciplined product development flow, gated for thorough review at key milestones. Fundamental to this process is an on-going evaluation of risk and activities to mitigate that risk. We employ a number of risk management tools, including FMEAs, multi-disciplined reviews, and experience sharing.

Within the development flow is the ability to adapt to the needs of the application and the customer. A formal documentation review and response system tracks customer- and product-specific requirements for the products ADI develops. Our years of product design experience, close relationships with our customers, and participation on many key industry committees give us the insight needed to create system solutions for a wide range of applications.

Process Development

When needed, advanced processes, such as for fab and assembly, are developed and qualified in a closely-leading track that feeds into the product development flow. ADI internal fabs operate under one quality system, applying the requirements of the most stringent markets they serve to all products.  This approach avoids the possibility of misprocessing while providing the highest level of quality and service to all customers.

Quality by Design

In addition to aggressive performance and value targets, design teams in ADI prioritize Design for Manufacturing and Design for Reliability, from product conception through release.  Under the guidance of Manufacturing, Quality and Reliability teams and systems, each product is developed to make a smooth transition to volume production while also meeting the customer’s requirements for dependability. Cutting-edge Design for Test techniques ensure that shipped product will meet its performance requirements and will be defect-free.  Use of design best practices and the latest design rules are systematically deployed to all ADI Design Centers through centralized support organizations and tools.


Once prototypes of a new design are produced, validation begins, employing teams of engineers in test, characterization, design validation, and systems engineering.  The product is evaluated for reliable performance over the application’s range of electrical and environmental conditions.  Qualification stresses, such as burn-in, are also performed to confirm that the product will meet its requirements over its expected lifetime.  Trial production runs verify that the manufacturing flow is meeting the goals for yield and throughput.