3A, 95mV Low Dropout LDO Features Low Power Loss in a Small 3mm × 4mm Footprint

Sep 27 2018 - Norwood, MA
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    Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear LT3033, a 3A output current, very low dropout (VLDO) linear regulator with only 95mV typical dropout voltage at full load (TA = 25°C). Its low dropout reduces the device’s power dissipation, reducing thermal stress and simplifying system thermal management. In addition, it features a wide 0.95V to 10V input voltage range, and when combined with its low dropout, provides a high efficiency, lower noise alternative to a switching power supply for 200mV to 9.7V output voltages.

    The LT3033 is ideal for powering high performance components and systems, including FPGAs and DSPs, modems, network cards and low noise industrial cards. Integrated protection features include an optional output current monitor that enables output current measurement in real-time, a power good flag for proper output voltage regulation, a programmable current limit with current foldback and thermal limiting with hysteresis. In addition, its robust design incorporates reverse battery, reverse current and reverse output protection. Other features include shutdown and an adjustable soft-start set with an external capacitor that also reduces output noise. Only a small 10µF output capacitor is needed for stability and optimized transient response.

    The LT3033 is available in a thermally enhanced 20-lead 3mm × 4mm QFN package. Two temperature grades are available, with operation from –40°C to 125°C (junction) for the extended E- and industrial I-grades. All versions are available from stock. For more information, visit www.analog.com/LT3033.

    Summary of Features: LT3033

    • Up to 3A Output Current
    • Single Supply VIN Range: 0.95V to 10V
    • 95mV Typical Dropout Voltage, 135mV Max (TA = 25°C)
    • Adjustable Output Voltage: 200mV to 9.7V
    • 1.5% Output Accuracy Over Line & Load (TA = 25°C)
    • 1.9mA Typical Quiescent Current:
    • Power Good (PWRGD) Flag with Status Valid in Shutdown
    • Current Limit Protection with Foldback
    • Programmable Current Limit
    • Output Current Monitor: IOUT/2650
    • Reverse Battery, Reverse Output, and Reverse Current Protection

    Pricing & Availability
    Product Production Availability Price Each per 1,000 Package
    LT3033 Now Starts at $3.05 20-Lead 3mm × 4mm QFN


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