Linear Technology Universal Temperature Sensor IC Wins EDN ACE Award

Jul 28 2015 - MILPITAS, CA
  • Linear Technology’s LTC2983 high performance digital temperature measurement IC was selected for the Analog Ultimate Product ACE Award by UBM Canon’s EDN and EE Times. The award was made during the Embedded Systems Conference in Santa Clara, California, following selection by a panel of EDN and EE Times editors, and a panel of independent judges.

    This high precision digital temperature measurement system integrates all necessary components to excite, calibrate, measure and digitize diodes, thermistors, thermocouples and RTDs with 0.1°C conformity. The LTC2983 provides multiplexed high precision interface to virtually any sensor. An SPI interface provides readout of temperature in °C and simple configuration of many convenient features.


    “The LTC2983 is a complete temperature measurement system incorporating circuits and expertise that solve problems engineers face when designing precision systems,” stated Michael Mayes, Design Section Leader, Mixed Signal Products for Linear Technology. “Companies adopting this new technology will benefit, with significant reductions in design time, design verification, and board complexity while achieving better performance and functionality over conventional solutions.”

    Bob Reay, Vice President, Mixed Signal Products for Linear Technology, added, “The LTC2983 represents a breakthrough in measurement of temperature, the most commonly measured physical parameter. The device greatly simplifies this challenging problem by integrating temperature measurement into a single chip capable of directly digitizing any temperature sensor element with outstanding accuracy.”

    Designers may also be interested in Linear Technology’s LTC2984 universal temperature sensor IC, which builds on the LTC2983 by adding EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) that stores user configuration data and custom sensor coefficients. This addition eliminates any IC or sensor programming by a host processor and facilitates the use of self-contained temperature sensing boards or modules.

    “The advances made each day by engineering and design are outstanding, bettering every aspect of life for today and tomorrow,” said Suzanne Deffree, Executive Editor, EDN & UBM Canon. “At the ACE Awards, we celebrated some stellar examples of creativity in design, innovation, and technology. We congratulate and thank this year’s ACE Awards nominees, finalists, and winners.”

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