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400mA Synchronous Buck Battery Charger Features 40V Operation to Accommodate a Variety of Input Sources

Aug 7 2014 - MILPITAS, CA
  • Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC4121, a constant-current/constant-voltage 400mA charger for Lithium-Ion, LiFePO4 and lead-acid batteries. The LTC4121’s high efficiency, synchronous step-down topology accepts a wide 4.4V to 40V input. A programmable 3.5V to 18V battery charge voltage range with tight ±1% accuracy makes the LTC4121 suitable for a variety of battery chemistries. The fixed output float voltage version, LTC4121-4.2, is suitable for 1S lithium-ion battery packs. A synchronous architecture enables charging efficiency up to 94% as well as low dropout start-up and operation. Typical applications include handheld instruments, solar-powered devices, as well as industrial and military sensors and devices.

    To accommodate high impedance input sources such as solar panels, the LTC4121 can regulate its input voltage to a programmable percentage of the input open circuit voltage. If the input voltage falls below the user-defined percentage of the open circuit voltage, charge current will be automatically reduced. This maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technique enables maximum power operation with a variety of high impedance input sources, even in non-ideal operating environments.

    The LTC4121 features programmable charge current from 50mA to 400mA and low voltage battery preconditioning. A recharge function starts a new charging cycle if the battery voltage drops 2.2% below the programmed charge voltage. Safety features include a two-hour termination timer as well as NTC temperature qualified charging. Two open-drain outputs provide charge and fault status information.

    The LTC4121 is housed in a low profile (0.75mm) 16-pin 3mm × 3mm QFN package with exposed pad for excellent thermal performance. The device is guaranteed for operation from –40°C to 125°C in both E and I grades. 1,000-piece pricing starts at $2.60 each for the E grade. For more information, visit

    Summary of Features: LTC4121

    • Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.4V to 40V
    • Adjustable Battery Charge Voltage: 3.5V to 18V
    • Temperature Compensated Input Voltage Regulation for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
    • Fixed 4.2V Charge Voltage Option: LTC4121-4.2
    • High Efficiency: Up to 94%
    • 50mA to 400mA Programmable Charge Current
    • ±1% Feedback Voltage Accuracy
    • Programmable ±5% Accurate Charge Current
    • Thermally Enhanced, Low Profile (0.75mm) 16-Lead 3mm × 3mm QFN Package

    40V, 400mA Sync Buck Battery Charger with MPPT

    LTC4121 PR Image

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