Analog Devices’ 256-Channel, 16-Bit Digital X-Ray Analog Front End Delivers Industry’s Best Combination of Noise, Power and Image Quality

ADI’s ADAS1256 analog front end (AFE) integrates the complete charge-to-digital conversion signal chain on a single chip, enabling a variety of digital x-ray modalities including portable systems.

Nov 27 2012 -Norwood, MA
  • Analog Devices, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADI), the leading provider of data conversion technology* and longtime collaborator to the medical imaging industry, today introduced a highly integrated digital X-ray analog front end (AFE) with the industry’s lowest noise performance in multiple power-mode options, and the highest image quality. The 256-channel ADAS1256 digital X-ray AFE is the industry’s first single-chip solution to integrate the complete charge-to-digital conversion signal chain by incorporating low-noise programmable-charge amplifiers, correlated double-sampling circuitry, and 16-bit A/D converters. With a noise figure of an equivalent charge of 560 electrons at a 2-picocoulomb full-scale range, the ADAS1256 enables high resolution digital X-ray images while reducing patient exposure to X-ray dose. The ADAS1256 has multiple functional power modes ranging from 1-mW/channel to 3-mW/channel, allowing manufacturers to address a wide range of digital X-ray modalities including portable radiology and mammography as well as high speed fluoroscopy and cardiac imaging.

    “Thanks to the ultra-low-noise profile and dynamic range of the ADAS1256, digital X-ray technology will continue to deliver better diagnostic image quality and reduce radiation dosage applied to patients compared to existing digital X-ray systems,” said Pat O’Doherty, vice president, healthcare group, Analog Devices. “By achieving this level of performance while adhering to a strict power budget, the ADAS1256 digital X-ray AFE provides medical equipment designers with a single device that serves the growing high-performance requirements of the portable digital X-ray market.”

    About the ADAS1256 Digital X-Ray AFE

    The ADAS1256 is a 256-channel, simultaneous sampling, high dynamic range, low power analog front end that is a complete charge-to-digital conversion signal chain. It incorporates 256 low noise integrators, low pass filters, and correlated double samplers that are multiplexed into a high speed, 16-bit, analog-to-digital converter (ADC). All converted channel results are output on a single LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) self-clocked serial interface. The ADAS1256 can be programmed using an SPI-compatible daisy-chain serial interface. It is delivered on a high density system-on-flex (SOF) package and can be directly mounted on a digital X-ray panel.

    ADAS1256 Digital X-Ray AFE Key Features

    Pricing, Availability and Complementary Products

    Part Number A/D Converter Resolution Channel Count Unit Price in 1K-piece Quantities
    ADAS1256 16 bits 256 $256

    The ADAS1256 is compatible with the ADP7104 and ADP1708 low dropout linear regulators, ADP1828 synchronous, step-down dc-to-dc controller, ADR444 voltage reference, ADCLK846 LVDS/CMOS fanout buffer and ADXL345 MEMS digital accelerometer.

    • Visit the ADAS1256 product page and download a short-form datasheet:
    • View complete datasheet and order evaluation boards by completing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) found on the ADAS1256 product page
    • Learn more about ADI’s digital X-ray and imaging technologies
    • Single-chip, 256-channel, charge-to-digital conversion
    • 16-bit resolution with no missing codes
    • Simultaneous sampling
    • User adjustable full-scale range up to 32 pC (picocoulombs)
    • Ultralow noise: 560 e− at 2pC range
    • Multiple functional power modes: from 1-mW/ch to 3-mW/ch
    • Power-down and sleep modes down to 0.005-mW/ch
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