Voltage References Combine Ultra-low Noise, High Accuracy and Value for Precision Applications

Apr 30 2012 - Norwood, MA
  • Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) today introduced a series of voltage references offering the industry’s best combination of noise performance, initial output voltage accuracy, low temperature coefficient (TC), and excellent long-term stability at unmatched price points. The new ADR45xx series of voltage references are specifically suited for high-resolution data converters and precision applications in data acquisition systems, instrumentation, process control, and automotive battery monitoring.

    With low frequency noise of 0.5 ppm, maximum temperature coefficient of 2 ppm/⁰C over the full operating temperature range of -40 ⁰C to +125 ⁰C, and a typical long-term drift of only 25 ppm/1khr, the ADR45xx series of voltage references provide high accuracy over time and temperature variations critical for many precision applications. This performance is achieved with a maximum quiescent current of 950 µA and $3.45 price, making the devices ideal for portable and budget sensitive designs. Also available is an A-grade version with a TC of 5 ppm/⁰C at $2.45.

    ADR45xx Voltage References Key Features:

    Availability and Pricing
    Product Output Voltage (V) Sample and Full Production Availability Price Each Per 1,000 B-grade (TC of 2 ppm/⁰C) Price Each Per 1,000 A-grade (TC of 5 ppm/⁰C) Packaging
    ADR4520 2.048 Now $3.45 $2.45 SOIC-8
    ADR4525 2.500 Now $3.45 $2.45 SOIC-8
    ADR4530 3.000 Now $3.45 $2.45 SOIC-8
    ADR4533 3.300 Now $3.45 $2.45 SOIC-8
    ADR4540 4.096 Now $3.45 $2.45 SOIC-8
    ADR4550 5.000 Now $3.45 $2.45 SOIC-8


    The ADR45xx series of voltage references is well suited to operate with many of ADI’s low power, precision A/D converters such as the AD7685, AD7982 and AD7988-1/-5, as well as D/A converters, including the AD5780 and AD5764.

    • View the ADR4520, ADR4525, ADR4530, ADR4533, ADR4540 and ADR4550 product pages, download the data sheet and order samples: http://www.analog.com/ADR4520
    • Select the best voltage reference for your application using ADI’s free Voltage Reference Selection and Evaluation Wizard
    • Maximum TC: 2 ppm/⁰C
    • Output noise (0.1 – 10 Hz): < 1µVP-P @ 2.048 VOUT typical
    • Initial output voltage error: ±0.02 percent (max)
    • Input voltage range: 3 V to 15 V
    • Operating temperature: -40 ⁰C to +125 ⁰C
    • Output current: +10 mA source/-10 mA sink
    • Low quiescent current: 950 µA (max)
    • Low dropout voltage: 300 mV @ 2 mA (VOUT ≥ 3 V)

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