Complete DC/DC µModule Regulator Delivers Dual 8A Outputs from up to 26.5VIN

Nov 29 2010 -MILPITAS, CA
  • Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTM4628, µModule® regulator containing two step-down 8A DC/DC converter circuits with the inductors, MOSFETs and other necessary components in a 15mm × 15mm × 4.32mm LGA package. The low thermal impedance of the LGA package and high operating efficiency enable full output power DC/DC conversion from 12VIN to 1VOUT at 70°C ambient with no air flow, or 86°C ambient with 200 linear feet per minute.

    The LTM4628 is designed to convert supply voltages ranging from 4.5V to 26.5 to two lower output voltages ranging from 5.5V down to 0.6V with an impressive total DC output error of ±1.5% including line and load regulation. Each output delivers up to 8A. The LTM4628's tiny PCB footprint and reduced design time provide a compact, low height, quick to market point-of-load regulator solution for applications such as data storage, routers, network switches, industrial automation, avionics and medical equipment.

    The LTM4628 has an internal clock for multiphase operation, beneficial for reducing the required bulk capacitance. In addition, this dual µModule regulator incorporates an on-board temperature diode, allowing users to monitor internal temperature. Tracking and margining capabilities simplify supply sequencing and voltage modification in complex systems where various voltage rails are required. The LTM4628 is rated for operation from –40°C to 125°C, priced at $19.90 each in 1000-piece quantities. All versions are available from stock. For more information, visit

    Summary of Features: LTM4628

    • Dual Output 8A DC/DC µModule® Regulator
    • 4.5V to 26.5V Input Supply Range
    • 0.6V to 5.5V Output Voltage Range
    • 15mm × 15mm × 4.32 LGA Package
    • Tracking/Margining & Clock Output
    • Internal Temperature Diode
    • Supports Parallel Current Sharing/Multiphase Operation

    Dual 26.5VIN, 8A DC/DC µModule Regulator

    LTM4628 PR Image
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