36VIN, Buck-Boost DC/DC µModule Regulator Provides up to 34VOUT & 98% Efficiency

Feb 10 2009 - MILPITAS, CA
  • Linear Technology Corporation extends its family of buck-boost DC/DC µModule regulator systems with the introduction of a third pin-compatible product, the LTM4609, a high voltage and high efficiency DC/DC system in a surface mount 15mm × 15mm × 2.8mm LGA (land grid array) package. The LTM4609 regulates an output voltage from a variable input voltage greater than, less than or equal to the output voltage. The device operates from 4.5VIN to 36VIN and regulates an output voltage from 0.8V to 34V and can deliver an output power up to 120W. The LTM4609 integrates a synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller, four N-channel MOSFETs, input and output bypass capacitors and the compensation circuitry in a small plastic molded package. Only an inductor, feedback and sense resistors and bulk capacitors are required to implement a very low profile, compact and high efficiency design. The device has applications in point-of-load and intermediate-bus regulation in networking, industrial and automotive systems and high power battery-operated devices.

    The LTM4609's on-board proprietary 4-switch synchronous MOSFET design enables up to 98.3% efficiency in boost mode and 97.3% efficiency in buck mode (condition: VIN: 6.5V to 36V, VOUT: 30V, IOUT: 2A). Unlike SEPIC (Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter) topologies requiring as many as 20 components and custom magnetics, the LTM4609 uses only six external components, including an off-the-shelf inductor, ensuring a very simple PCB layout. Furthermore comparable SEPIC circuits achieve significantly lower efficiency in the range of 76% to 84%. In order to reduce undesirable frequency harmonics, the LTM4609 is phase-lockable to an external clock frequency ranging from 200kHz to 400kHz. Safety features include overvoltage and foldback current protection.

    The LTM4609 is offered for operation from –40°C to 85°C with 125°C maximum junction temperature. Pricing for 1,000-piece quantity starts at $22.55. For more information, visit www.linear.com.

    Summary of Features: LTM4609

    • Single Inductor Buck-Boost Architecture
    • Synchronous 4-Switch Operation for High Efficiency (up to 98%)
    • Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 36V
    • Wide Output Voltage Range: 0.8V to 34V
    • 15mm × 15mm × 2.8mm LGA Package

    High Voltage Buck-Boost DC/DC µModule Regulator

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