60V, 500mA (Isw) 200kHz Step-Down DC/DC Converter Draws only 100µA Quiescent Current & Features a 140°C Maximum Junction Temperature

Apr 18 2007 - MILPITAS, CA
  • Linear Technology announces the H-Grade version of the LT3437 step-down switching regulator. The device operates from continuous inputs of 3.3V to 60V and withstands transients up to 80V, making it ideal for automotive and telecom applications. Its 500mA internal switch delivers up to 400mA of continuous output current at voltages as low as 1.25V. Burst Mode® operation reduces no-load quiescent current to less than 100µA, maximizing battery run-time for always on applications.

    The H-grade version is tested and guaranteed to a junction temperature of 140°C, compared to the E- and I-grade versions, which are specified for 125°C maximum junction temperature. All electrical specifications are identical for the E-, I- and H-grade versions. The LT3437 H-grade version is ideal for automotive and industrial applications which are subjected to high ambient temperatures.

    The LT3437HFE is available from stock in a TSSOP-16E package. Pricing starts at $3.00 each for 1,000 piece quantities.

    Summary of Features: LT3437H

    • Wide Input Range: 3.3V to 60V
    • Transient Protection to 80V
    • 500mA Peak Switch Current
    • Burst Mode® Operation: 100µA Quiescent Current
    • Low Shutdown Current: IQ
    • Defeatable Burst Mode Operation
    • 200kHz Switching Frequency
    • Saturating Switch Design: 0.8Ohm On-Resistance
    • Peak Switch Current Maintained Over Full Duty Cycle Range
    • 1.25V Feedback Reference Voltage
    • Easily Synchronizable
    • Soft-Start Capability
    • Thermally Enhanced TSSOP-16E Package

    60V Step-Down DC/DC Converter with TJMAX = 140°C


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