12-bit 250Msps Low Power ADC Provides 1.2GHz Input Bandwidth for Wideband Sampling Applications

Mar 8 2006 -MILPITAS, CA
  • Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC2242-12, a 12-bit 250Msps high IF sampling analog to digital converter (ADC) that offers a 1.2GHz analog input bandwidth along with the lowest power consumption in its class. Operating on a 2.5V supply, the LTC2242-12 consumes just 740mW, even lower than its nearest competitor, operating on a 1.8V analog supply. Along with improved power efficiency, the low power dissipation reduces time and costs spent on thermal design considerations and helps improve long term product reliability. The LTC2242-12 can be driven with an analog input range of 2VP-P to enable excellent SNR performance of 65.1dB at 240MHz input frequency, with SFDR of 74dB.

    The LTC2242-12 is part of a pin-compatible family of 10- and 12-bit ADCs, sampling at 170Msps, 210Msps and 250Msps. It is pin-compatible with the existing 3.3V LTC2220 family, offering an upgrade path to higher sampling rates with considerably lower power dissipation. These parts provide the flexibility to select between LVDS, full-rate CMOS or demultiplexed CMOS outputs for easy interface to DDCs. The digital output supply can be powered from 0.5V-2.6V, allowing direct connection to low voltage digital interfaces.

    The LTC2242-12 low power family is available in a small 9mm × 9mm QFN package, and includes integrated bypass capacitance that further reduces the overall solution size.

    The LTC2242-12 family is supported with LVDS demo boards for quick device evaluation and can be purchased online. Samples and demo boards for the LTC2242-12 family are available today, with production to start in May. Available in both commercial and industrial temperature grades, they are competitively priced at $59 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

    The following table provides an overview of the entire 2.5V LTC2242 product family. All parts can be ordered in optional lead-free packages for RoHS compliance. A table of the entire Low Power High Speed ADC product family can be found at http://www.linear.com/designtools/hsadcs.jsp.

    Part Number Resolution Speed Vdd Power/
    Availability Price (1k)
    LTC2242-12 12-Bit 250Msps 2.5V 740mW May $59.00
    LTC2241-12 12-Bit 210Msps 2.5V 585mW May $42.00
    LTC2240-12 12-Bit 170Msps 2.5V 445mW May $35.00
    LTC2242-10 10-Bit 250Msps 2.5V 740mW June $39.00
    LTC2241-10 10-Bit 210Msps 2.5V 585mW June $32.00
    LTC2240-10 120-Bit 170Msps 2.5V 445mW June $25.00


    Summary of Features: LTC2242 Family

    • Sample Rate: 250Msps, 210Msps & 170Msps
    • 12-Bit, 10-Bit Resolutions
    • Low Power: 740mW/ 585mW/ 445mW
    • High IF Sampling above 500MHz
    • Wide Analog Input Bandwidth of 1.2GHz
    • Single 2.5V Supply
    • Flexible 1VP-P or 2VP-P Selectable Input
    • LVDS/CMOS and De-Multiplexed CMOS Outputs
    • Optional Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
    • 64-Pin, 9mm × 9mm QFN Package

    High IF Sampling ADC-1GHz FFT



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