125 Msps 14-bit Wideband ADC has Low Power Consumption

Jun 15 2005 - MILPITAS, CA
  • Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC2255, a 125Msps, 14-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) that features excellent AC performance and extremely low power. Outperforming its nearest 14-bit competitor, the LTC2255 consumes 49% less power at just 395mW, significantly lowering the power budget and thermal considerations required for multiple channel devices. This provides a significant advantage in applications where efficiency and cooling is critical, such as satellite receivers, wireless base stations and portable electronics. As part of an extensive pin-compatible family, the LTC2255 comes in a conveniently small 5mm × 5mm QFN package with integrated bypass capacitors, requiring only a small number of tiny external components. The LTC2255 eliminates the need for large and costly decoupling capacitors, affording the smallest solution size available, which eases PCB space constraints and allows for more compact, cost effective designs. With its small dimensions, low power and reduced external component requirement, designers can easily fit four LTC2255 ADCs where just one competing solution would fit.

    The LTC2255 is well placed to meet the needs of 3G and emerging 4G technologies,WiMAX and other wideband wireless applications where high performance ADCs play a key role in handling the demands of increasing network traffic. For wireless base station system designers, reduced power consumption is an important design consideration in helping to lower overall system operation costs. In addition, the combination of high sampling rate, low current and 14-bit resolution make it ideally suited to battery powered, high performance test and instrumentation equipment.

    The LTC2255 offers exceptional low-level input signal performance due to its high linearity, and it is designed with good margin relative to the sample rate for reliable performance over a wide temperature range. At 125Msps sampling rate, it achieves excellent AC performance with 72.1dB SNR and 85dB SFDR at 70MHz.

    The LTC2255 releases alongside 5 new family members, expanding the existing pin compatible family of low power, high speed ADCs to higher sampling rates of 105Msps and 125Msps in resolutions of 10, 12 and 14 bits. Each device is available both commercial and industrial temperature grades.

    The entire LTC2255 product family is provided in the following table.

    Part Number Resolution Speed Power Availability Price (1k)
    LTC2255 14-bit 125Msps 395mW Now $49.00
    LTC2254 14-bit 105Msps 320mW Now $41.00
    LTC2249 14-bit 80Msps 222mW Now $25.00
    LTC2248 14-bit 65Msps 205mW Now $23.35
    LTC2247 14-bit 40Msps 120mW Now $15.85
    LTC2246 14-bit 25Msps 75mW Now $12.50
    LTC2245 14-bit 10Msps 60mW Now $10.00
    LTC2253 12-bit 125Msps 395mW Now $27.50
    LTC2252 12-bit 105Msps 320mW Now $23.00
    LTC2229 12-bit 80Msps 211mW Now $16.70
    LTC2228 12-bit 65Msps 205mW Now $12.08
    LTC2227 12-bit 40Msps 120mW Now $7.92
    LTC2226 12-bit 25Msps 75mW Now $7.50
    LTC2225 12-bit 10Msps 60mW Now $4.57
    LTC2251 10-bit 125Msps 395mW Now $12.00
    LTC2250 10-bit 105Msps 320mW Now $7.50
    LTC2239 10-bit 80Msps 211mW Now $6.70
    LTC2238 10-bit 65Msps 205mW Now $5.00
    LTC2237 10-bit 40Msps 120mW Now $4.80
    LTC2236 10-bit 25Msps 75mW Now $3.50


    Summary of Features: LTC2255 Family

    • Sample Rate: 125Msps/105Msps
    • 10-bit, 12-bit, 14-Bit resolution
    • 72.1dB SNR at 70MHz Input
    • 85dB SFDR at 70MHz Input
    • 640MHz Full Power BW S/H
    • Tiny Board Footprint
    • Single 3V Supply (2.85V to 3.4V)
    • Low Power Dissipation: 395mW/320mW
    • Flexible Input: 1VP-P to 2VP-P Range
    • No Missing Codes
    • INL ±1LSB
    • Optional Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
    • Shutdown and Nap modes
    • 32-Pin, 5mm × 5mm QFN Package
    • Pin Compatible Family


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