Exterior of the Catalyst Centre building at dusk
Exterior of the Catalyst Centre building at dusk




Headshot of Mike Morrissey

Mike Morrissey
ADI Catalyst Director

Michael Morrissey has been working on the area of exploiting silicon technology for advanced sensor development for over 25 years. He is currently the ADI Catalyst Director. Mike is responsible for accelerating ADI’s connection to their customers through ecosystem partners for better collaboration and to co-create innovative solutions.

Headshot of Thomas Minogue

Thomas Minogue
Catalyst Designer

Thomas is a designer and facilitator for the ADI Catalyst team. He visualizes projects with 3D CAD software, illustrations, renders, and 3D printing. He’s also in charge of video production onsite for project demos, interviews, time-lapses, etc. He has a BSc in Product Design and Technology from the University of Limerick.

Headshot of John Christie

John Christie
Catalyst Design Intern

John is a Product Design & Technology student in the University of Limerick. His skills range from 3D modelling and visualization, user centered design, digital illustrations, product rendering, and UX.

Headshot of Brian Keane

Brian Keane
Network and AV, EMEA

Brian is a Network and AV Administrator for the EMEA region. The Network and AV team provide support along with design and implementation of new builds and upgrades of Network and AV equipment to facilitate ADI demands in line with Corporate IT Security standards.

Headshot of Mike Heffernan

Mike Heffernan
Manager of EMEA Sales Central Applications Center

Mike leads the European Centralized Applications Center. The Central Applications team provides first-line technical support and training for Analog Devices’ products to our distributors and broad market customers in the EMEA region.

Headshot of Brendan O’Dowd

Brendan O’Dowd
Director of Consumer Custom Silicon Solutions

For ADI Catalyst, Brendan leads a team that develops leading-edge solutions for our largest Consumer customers. Previous roles at ADI include working in test, design, applications marketing, and business leadership.

Headshot of Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan
Director of Digital Transformation & Ecosystem Partnership

Chris is our Customer Office director. Chris overseas digital transformation, ecosystems and partnerships, customer learning and enablement, as well as our solutions teams at ADI.

Headshot of Ray Goggin

Ray Goggin
General Manager of Precision Converters, Switch/Mux, and Temp Sensors

Ray is the general manager of the Precision Converters, Switch/Mux, and Temperature Sensor technology group at ADI. He maintains overall development and business responsibilities for a significant portion of ADI revenue and profitability. Ray and his team service a broad range of market and application needs which drive growth for ADI and provide insights into new emerging businesses. Ray has been with ADI since 1997 and has held several roles in test, design, marketing, and management within the Precision products group. Additionally, he leads ADI’s design center in Cork, Ireland.

Headshot of Bernard Stenson

Bernard Stenson
Technology Director of Global Operations and Technology

Bernard is responsible for a wide range of ADI proprietary high value-add manufacturing processes including many More than Moore technologies, magnetics, electrochemical sensors, isolation, silicon, MEMS, and actuators. He’s a graduate of Dublin City University with a BSc in Applied Physics and Electronics. He holds 27 US patents and has published 10 technical papers on semiconductor and MEMS technology. He has been a member of Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) Governing Body since 2016.

Headshot of Peadar Forbes

Peadar Forbes
Director of Radio Platform Development

Peadar is responsible for radio reference design development in the Communications business unit at Analog Devices. Prior to this he has worked in applications, systems engineering, and marketing roles on Analog Devices’ integrated transceivers, PLL synthesizers, radio systems, and algorithms. Peadar holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from University College Cork and an MBA from the University of Limerick.

Catalyst Centre bustling during the Hackathon event
Catalyst Centre bustling during the Hackathon event