Our Projects

Analog Garage is a research and development innovation center dedicated to creating breakthrough technologies, capabilities, and business models critical to ADI’s future success. We identify, source, and nurture new ideas and technologies that help solve our customers’ current and anticipated challenges. Through the Analog Garage, our employees, our internal business units, start-ups, and universities get the business and technical support they need to solve tough problems, collaborating in a learn fast, roll-up your sleeves and experimental environment. In fact, many Analog Garage projects are connected to the BU’s providing insights into customer problems.

Take a look at some of our exciting, recent Analog Garage projects!

Recent Analog Garage Projects

ADI: Try on the Future

Try the ADI Stitch™ Garment on for size in an in-depth exploration about what becomes possible when we learn to listen to the data our bodies give us. ADI technology is taking on the toughest sensor, algorithm, and power challenges, helping to develop new products that can open up completely new market opportunities. All while being machine washable and effortlessly powered.

Noncontact Vital Sign Monitoring by Analog Devices

Analog Devices has built a noncontact vital sign monitoring (VSM) system to increase patient convenience.

See LIDAR Research in Action

Conventional detection and signal chain problems can often be greatly improved by utilizing constraints and ideas that come from outside of the system we are designing. The firefly process describes a boundary on how objects can move—that is, it details the constraints, not on the detector or signal chain, but on the object they are measuring.

LIDAR insights from Analog Garage

See LIDAR Research in Action