PollenTech accelerates time to revenue for IoT silicon vendors and end product manufacturers (OEM/ODM) by providing a comprehensive set of embedded software services. Leveraging years of experience in the cellular market, we will develop and/or optimize for low power, secure and robust operation. We specialize in IC platform transitions, device driver development and wireless stack design from the PHY to the app layer across the most popular MCU and WMCU platforms.

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  • Europe
  • The Americas
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Kaarnatie 40
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Pauli Ponnikas
Software Development We are experts in Embedded Systems. We understand how to successfully develop robust and efficient code that must operate within limited memory space, restricted performance capabilities and in real time. Integration We can bring together disparate bits and pieces of code and unify them into a coherent and functional whole. Consulting We provide consulting services to help you explore, analyze and find the optimal solution.

  • Algorithm / Intellectual Property
  • System Design
  • Training
  • Tools / Software / Drivers / Embedded
  • Software Design
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
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