Cartesiam is an ISV expert in Artificial Intelligence at the Edge. We bring the power of Machine Learning, both learning, and inference exactly where the signal becomes data. We invented NanoEdge™ AI, a revolutionary technology running in a small footprint, low energy devices, such as ARM Cortex M microcontrollers. It means that devices equipped with NanoEdge™ AI can autonomously learn from their environment and identify anomalies without any need of a pre-trained neural network, dataset.

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Joel Rubino
NanoEdge AI™ is a library running in the microcontroller and using artificial intelligence to create data models based on signals acquired by sensors (motion, vibrations, environmental,...) With NanoEdge AI™ developers can easily integrate local AI training and analysis capabilities into C code, optimized for Analog Device microcontrollers. Based on your need and hardware choice, Cartesiam will provide you with a custom made NanoEdge™ AI library specifically tuned for your Analog Device hardware

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