LTC2965 Single Voltage Monitor Design Tool

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The LTC®2965 is a low current, high voltage single channel voltage monitor. Internal high value resistors sense the input monitor pin providing a compact and low power solution for voltage monitoring. Two comparator reference inputs (INH and INL) are included to allow configuration of a high and low threshold using an external resistive divider biased from the on-chip reference. A range selection pin is provided to set the internal resistive divider for 10x or 40x scaling. The thresholds are scaled according to the range selection settings. Additionally, either INH or INL can be grounded to enable built-in hysteresis. Polarity selection pin allows the output to be inverted. The output is 100V capable and includes a 500k pull-up resistor to an internal supply.

Two common threshold configurations are:

3-Resistor Configuration:
Uses 3 resistors to set the V(rise) and V(fall).

2-Resistor Configuration
Uses 2 resistors to set the V(rise) and V(fall).