IPSO Challenge 2014 - $50,000 Contest for the Internet of Things Working Prototypes

The IPSO Alliance (Internet Protocol for Smart Objects), of which Linear Technology / Dust Networks is a founding member, is sponsoring a contest for either individuals or companies to build working prototypes from innovative concepts to showcase the use of the Internet Protocol (IP) in real world sensor/control and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. The contest offers prizes and incentives worth over $50,000USD, with the final award ceremony at Sensors Expo 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. 

Linear Technology's SmartMesh IP Embedded Wireless Sensor Networking products are built for IP compatibility and deliver >99.999% data reliability and >10 year battery life in a complete wireless mesh solution. The SmartMesh IP Starter kits can be easily used to rapidly build a low-power IP-based mesh network with proven reliability. To learn more about the SmartMesh IP Starter kits, watch the video or visit the DC9000B web page

Entries for the IPSO Challenge are due no later than April 11, 2014. For more details, visit http://www.ipso-alliance.org/Challenge

IPSO Graphic




Ross Yu

Ross Yu是凌力尔特Dust网络产品线的产品营销经理。为了解决令人期待的无线传感器网络领域面临的固有挑战,Yu先生和他的Dust网络团队做出了重要贡献,此外,在向市场推出行业最可靠、最低功率的无线mesh传感器网络解决方案方案方面,Yu先生也发挥了积极的作用。 他拥有麻省理工学院的电气工程与计算机科学学士学位和工程硕士学位。