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这是可兼容的测量类型的完整列表。要配置您的特定用例,请使用MeasureWare Designer。注意:并非所有测量类型都能并行实施。

TE Connectivity's General Purpose Compression Load Cell

TE Connectivity’s FX1901 General Purpose Compression Load Cell sensor can be measured directly on either the Swift or Pro Kit by connecting to the EV-MWW90DBZ Load Cell daughter board. The compression load cell can be selected as one of the options in the MeasureWare Designer flow when a user selects weight as the measurement type.

The FX1901-0001-0100-L is a 100Lbf load cell. The wiring configuration is a standard 4-wire Wheatstone bridge configuration with 20mV/V output.

The FX1901 series are 1% accurate load cell available in 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200Lbf compression options from TE Connectivity.

For maximum accuracy a full system calibration is required.


  • 10 – 200 lb. ranges
  • Compact coin cell package
  • Anti-rotation mounting features
  • 1% accuracy rating

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