Streamlining Flexible System Design using RF ADCs with DSP

Highly integrated and versatile RF ADCs support a large variety of  system designs with their DSP feature sets. This webcast explores how these devices ease the system design complexities of today's radio architectures. A typical customer’s design cycle using an Analog Devices ADC will be explored to show how each of the digital signal processing features are used to design system configurability into the design.
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Del Jones是位于美国北卡罗来纳州格林斯博罗的高速转换器团队的应用工程师。他自2000年以来一直为ADI工作,负责支持ADC、DAC和串行接口。加入ADI之前,他曾在电信行业担任电路板和FPGA设计工程师。Del毕业于德克萨斯大学达拉斯分校,获电气工程学士学位。