Simplifying Battery Management Complexity with AccuCharge™

The drastic surge in personal electronic devices (PEDs) brought to the forefront many strengths but also weaknesses of rechargeable battery technologies, including Lithium ion and polymer. With safety being the top concern, every Lithium ion or polymer battery requires a safe charger, a comprehensive protector and an accurate fuel gauge. Small cells and fast charging parallel cells have especially stringent requirements due to the need for precise termination of charging and imbalanced charging, respectively. Adding to the stack of design challenges, poor fuel gauge accuracy can result in premature or abrupt system shutdown. Therefore, it is imperative to use a high-accuracy fuel gauge that indicates the state of the battery, and how much run-time is available. New battery management solutions address these complex challenges using the novel AccuCharge™ technology from Analog Devices. AccuCharge technology leverages the fuel gauge to control the integrated charger.

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  • 演讲人
  • Bakul Damle


Bakul Damle负责ADI公司的电池和电源管理产品线,包括电量计、电池安全、保护和验证以及无线和USB Type-C/电力传输电池充电器。作为一名行业的资深人士,Bakul于2005年加入ADI公司,之前在National Instruments领导工程师团队。 他拥有加州理工学院电气工程硕士学位以及印度理工学院工程物理学科技学士学位。Bakul拥有多项测试和测量领域专利。