Simplify Power Supply Selection for Your Next Generation Wellness Device

Human vital monitoring has moved from the doctor’s clinic to people's wardrobes. With the changing perspective of consumers toward a more self-aware and informed personal health the healthcare industry has evolved into a predictive, precision, personal healthcare model. With more vital monitoring wearable devices entering the market with each day, it is incumbent of the sensor system designers to come up with the right combination of the power management and sensor solution which can guarantee low power consumption and form factor without compromising on the fidelity of the sensor measurements.  Specifically, when it comes to pulse oximetry, understanding the correlation between the typical power requirements of the LED transmitters and the SNR characteristics of the optical sensor module is essential to get the system design accurate.

This webinar examines how the Single-Inductor, Multiple-Output (SIMO) architecture delivers high system efficiency in the smallest form factor for space-constrained designs like wearables, hearables and low-power consumer designs. With scalable, low-power SIMO PMICs in your design, you can regain board space for value-added modules enabling functions such as voice commands, biometrics, gesture control, GPS, and more.

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  • 演讲人
  • Gaurav Mital


Gaurav Mital是ADI公司消费电子电源部门的产品定义/系统架构总监。他的主要工作是针对医疗健康/健身/生活方式应用的超低功耗耳戴式设备和可穿戴设备,以及边缘物联网平台的人工智能应用处理器开发电源管理解决方案。他在硅谷已工作超过15年,推动了新传感器和电源技术的发展。Gaurav拥有加州州立大学电气工程学士学位。