Noise Optimization in Sensor Signal Conditioning Circuits, Part III

Expanding upon the material previously presented in "Optimizing Noise in the Sensor Signal Path" Parts I & II, this Webcast addresses some of the specific questions and areas of additional interest, raised by viewers.

Topics covered in this presentation include aspects of correlated and uncorrelated noise, finding the noise bandwidth of a circuit, when to balance or unbalance an amplifier input for best noise performance, noise calculation for a number of popular circuits, and much more. This Webcast series will enable designers to effectively analyze their circuit applications for noise to help get the most performance from system designs.


  • 演讲人
  • Reza Moghimi


Reza Moghimi是ADI公司(美国加利福尼亚州圣何塞)精密信号调理部门的应用工程经理。他于1984年获得圣何塞州立大学电子工程学士学位,并于1990年获得工商管理硕士学位(MBA)。