Partitioning and Design for Precision Data Acquisition Systems

Acquired analog signals can be manipulated and processed by either the analog or digital portions of a system, for example, through filtering, multiplexing, and gain control. The analog portions of a system can typically provide reasonably simple processing at fairly low cost, power, and overhead. Digital processing can provide far greater analysis power and can alter the nature of the analysis without changing hardware.

  • 演讲人
  • Dave Kress


David Kress拥有美国麻省理工学院的土木工程学士学位(BSCE)和硕士学位(MSCE)。他原先从事医疗电子设备设计工作,后于1972年加入ADI公司,担任IC设计师。多年来,David领导着ADI公司的技术支持团队,目前担任技术营销总监。