Non-Linear Simulation of RF Amplifiers in Keysight Genesys, SystemVue and ADS

Linear and non-linear RF circuit simulation have traditionally occupied different domains. This webcast will explore a number of new RF Amplifier model structures that combine linear S-Parameter data with non-linear data such as Noise Figure, OIP3, OP1dB and PSAT. Analog Devices now provides extensive libraries of RF Amplifier models that support Keysight’s Genesys, SystemVue and ADS simulation platforms. By comparing measured vs. simulated results for characteristics such as compression, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio and EVM, we will explore the capabilities and limitations of these models.

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Eamon Nash是ADI公司RF产品部的应用工程经理。他已在ADI公司工作了20多年,最初他是一名混合信号和DSP产品现场应用工程师,后来成为无线应用领域分立式RF器件应用工程师。