Modern Inertial Applications for Aerospace and Defense

There are challenges in MEMS technology today that existing options are either too large or overall performance is inefficient. The latest family of ADI MEMS addresses this. As ADI surpasses the 1 degree per hour IMU barrier, small MEMS devices can now be incorporated into newer technologies like soldier wearables, small munitions, and barrel stabilizations systems along with historical applications such as ADAHARS, UAVs, and vehicle stability.

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Sean D'Arcy于2015年加入ADI公司,隶属航空航天与防务部门市场营销团队,主要从事航空、无人系统、导弹和军火业务。他在航空航天与防务行业工作已超过20年,先后支持过C-130“大力神”运输机、MQ-9“收割者”无人机、B-2“幽灵”隐形战略轰炸机、F-16“战隼”战斗机、U-2“蛟龙夫人”高空侦察机和X-47B等平台的开发和升级计划。他还是一名多发动机固定翼飞行员,拥有一家航空公司,曾为两家主要防务承包商和约翰逊航天中心工作。