Fastest Ever – Innovate with 2.5 Gigabit Digital Isolators

Compact multi-gigabit digital isolators with an aggregate bandwidth of 10 Gigabits open up new system architectures in Digital Health, Instrumentation and Smart Industry applications. The ADN4624 family offer robust isolation and data integrity in harsh environments, ultra-low jitter and high throughput for precision sampling, simplified electrical connnectivity with LVDS I/O and compact solutions meeting medical standards. Learn how to simplify your design and easily integrate these into high fidelity video and imaging links, as well as add drop-in isolation of precision analog front ends, and serial interconnects as alternatives to cumbersome and specialized fiber solutions.

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Conal Watterson博士是ADI公司接口与iCoupler®数字隔离器部的高级应用工程师,工作地点在爱尔兰利默里克。Conal拥有利默里克大学博士和工程硕士学位,自2010年以来发表了很多关于工业现场总线网络、诊断/可靠性、高速信号和隔离的论文和文章。他目前专注于集成隔离通信解决方案、高速接口和USB。