Getting the Most from ADI PLL Products

This webcast is an overview of Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Technology and Applications. With over 80 unique PLLs and PLLVCOs, covering frequencies from DC to 18 GHz – ADI has the widest frequency range in the industry. We have parts for every application that can be used in multiple systems; this reduces your time to market and reduces your cost, while meeting your high performance needs.


Ian Collins毕业于爱尔兰科克大学,拥有电气和电子工程学位并从2000年起在ADI公司的射频和微波部工作。他目前是微波频率生成部的应用经理,主要负责锁相环(PLL)和压控振荡器(VCO)产品方面的工作。非工作时间或不陪伴家人时,Ian喜欢摄影和戏剧(无论是在台上还是在台下)、阅读以及听音乐。