Getting Started with LTspice

If you are new to LTspice, this seminar is for you. This seminar covers the fundamentals of drafting circuits in the schematic editor and how-to bring circuits to life through simulation. It includes an overview of available examples and reference design resources, drafting a schematic, transient and AC analysis simulations, probing and performing measurements in the waveform viewer, and a guide to additional educational resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Benefits of LTspice
  • Examples and reference designs libraries
  • Using the schematic editor
  • Running and probing a schematic
  • Basic measurements and calculations
  • Simulating a Transient Response
  • Additional resources

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Charly El-Khoury是ADI公司高速产品部门的一名应用工程师。2007年2月加入ADI公司,负责低噪声、低失真放大器和精密ADC驱动器产品。他拥有伍斯特理工学院的电气与计算机工程(MSECE)学硕士学位。