Getting Multiple Vital Signs by a Single Chip for Wearable Devices

Measuring human's vital signs is changing from once a year at the hospital to day to day monitoring. From general wellness management by recording your activity level and resting heart rate to clinically relevent measurements of heart rate variability, respiration, and even oxygen saturation, people are getting more aware of their health condition with various handy wearable devices.

ADI supports the industy by offereing a highly integrated analog front end that brings multiple sensor measurement capabilities in single chip. The ADPD4100 offers multi-wavelength optical, bio-potential , and bio-impedance for a range of use cases either on wrist or chest form factor. Come to see how it's possible with just a little chip!

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  • 演讲人
  • Roberto Munoz


Roberto Munoz是ADI公司的系统应用工程师,目前专注于生命体征监护应用。他在半导体行业有逾12年的经验,曾实现并改善制造解决方案,在产品上市前标定产品的性能,目前负责ADI公司关于医疗保健市场面临的挑战和趋势的技术与解决方案。Roberto拥有西班牙瓦伦西亚理工大学电子与电信工程学士学位和Uniactiva商学院MBA学位。