The Future of Industrial Ethernet Connectivity

To realize the goals of Industry 4.0, highly connected, intelligent and flexible manufacturing, new industrial connectivity solutions are required that enable higher data bandwidth and deliver a converged network between the IT and OT. With the increased deployment of robots and cobots in new smart factories, significantly more data is being generated and distributed along with real time control commands. This is creating the need for enhanced Gigabit real-time Ethernet communications with Time Sensitive Networking capability. As the process industry embraces Industry 4.0, sensors/actuators require Ethernet connectivity on single twisted pair cabling up to a distance 1km (new IEEE standard 802.3cg-2019 / 10BASE-T1L) in intrinsically safe, Zone 0 applications. This presentation discusses the challenges and solutions of new Ethernet technologies for tomorrow’s Industrial communications systems.

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  • 演讲人
  • Fiona Treacy


Fiona Treacy是过程控制和自动化的战略营销经理,在ADI公司专注于工业连接。在此之前,Fiona负责MeasureWare和其他精密仪器计划的市场推广工作。她还担任过应用工程和测试开发方面的职务。Fiona拥有利默里克大学的应用物理学士学位和工商管理硕士学位。

  • 演讲人
  • Volker Goller


Volker E. Goller是ADI公司的一名系统应用工程师。他拥有30多年的丰富经验,广泛涉猎复杂运动控制、嵌入式传感器、时间敏感网络技术等工业应用。 作为一名商用软件开发人员,Volker为无线和有线应用开发了各种通信协议和堆栈,同时积极参与领先的行业组织的新通信标准制定。