Extending Battery Life with Precision Low Power Signal Chains

Precision low power signal chains optimize DC precision at micropower where high channel density and small solution footprints are required. They enable intelligent power management at the system level (from sensor to bits) to ensure extended battery life. Combined with a suite of design tools and collateral, these signal chains simplify the design journey allowing a faster time to market for applications such as field instruments and condition based monitoring. This webcast introduces ADI's precision low power technology and the resources available to support these signal chains.

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David Plourde 是ADI公司的模拟IC设计工程师,目前在位于马萨诸塞州威明顿市的线性和精密技术部门工作。他的兴趣相当广泛,包括各种低功耗设计和系统级解决方案,主攻医疗保健应用。David拥有伍斯特理工学院的学士学位 (BS) 和硕士学位 (MS)。他于2006年加入ADI公司担任产品/测试工程师。