Energy Storage Systems Boost Electric Vehicles’ Fast Charger Infrastructure

In this webcast we will discuss the integration process of intermittent renewable energy sources with intermittent high power loads generated by the charging of electric vehicle fleets. We will see how energy storage systems play a key role for the grid stability, storing the energy produced from renewables and boosting the EV charging by providing the extra power required by fast high voltage DC chargers. On top of that, we will show how ESS is becoming a key to success for enhancing the smart grid and enabling the transition to the digitised grid. We also review how ADI products and system level solutions simplify the customer journey from a concept project to a successfull product.

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  • 演讲人
  • Stefano Gallinaro


Stefano Gallinaro于2016年加入ADI公司可再生能源事业部。他负责管理太阳能、电动汽车充电和储能相关战略营销活动,同时特别关注功率变换。其工作地点为慕尼黑,业务职责遍及全球。Stefano在意大利都灵理工大学(BS)学习电子工程。他的职业生涯始于意大利奥斯塔,意法半导体公司,担任应用工程师。加入ADI之前,Stefano还曾在德国安达赫治Vincotech GmbH公司担任产品营销经理。