The Challenges of Simplifying the Signal Chain

A typical signal chain starts with a sensor followed by an interface amplifier, signal conditioning blocks, an ADC Driver, an ADC, and a digital processing engine. Most digital systems have processing power to replace some or all of the analog signal chain and this presentation will look at the benefits and challenges associated with simplifying the signal chain and the practical aspects that limit the user from fully realizing the benefits.

  • 演讲人
  • Michael Arkin
    Product Marketing Manager for Precision Amplifiers and Voltage References

Michael Arkin 是精密运算放大器组产品营销经理。他持有西海岸大学电子工程学士学位(BSEE)和德克萨斯大学工商管理硕士学位(MBA)。他拥有超过15年的电子产品营销经验,先后在TI、Pulse、Lineage Power和ADI等公司工作。