Advances in Phased Array Analog Beamforming Solutions

This webcast will introduce the concept of phased array and why its useful. We'll next look at trade-offs between Analog and Digital Beamforming. Then we'll begin to focus on Analog Beamforming and advances in Semiconductor Technology and ICs that are making these solutions higher performance, simpler to implement and more cost effective.

Keith Benson于2002年毕业于马萨诸塞大学安姆斯特分校,获电气工程学士学位,2004年毕业于加州大学圣塔芭芭拉分校,获电气工程硕士学位。他之前就职于Hittite Microwave,主攻RF无线电子的IC设计。然后转向IC设计工程师团队管理,主要负责无线通信链路。2014年,ADI公司收购了Hittite Microwave,Keith成为ADI公司RF/MW放大器和相控阵IC的产品线总监。Keith目前拥有3项新颖放大器技术方面的美国专利。