Symbols & Footprints

Analog Devices has partnered with Ultra Librarian to offer vendor neutral Symbols, Footprints and 3D Models compatible with most of today’s CAD systems. You may either download the BXL file and convert to the format of your choice using the Ultralibrarian Reader software OR simply click a link under “ECAD Models” to download directly in your preferred format.

Symbols For
  • 提供的器件
  • Symbols File
  • ECAD模型

Ultra Librarian Reader

Ultra Librarian Reader是一款可生成通用文件(bxl)的工具,此文件可转换为Ultra Librarian支持的任意格式。 Ultra Librarian目前有16种不同格式可供选择。 虽然现在还不支持Multisim格式,但正在处理。

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