ADI收購GaAs和GaN放大器專業公司OneTree Microdevices打造完整的電纜基礎設施解決方案

2017-03-31 - 中国,台北訊

    Analog Devices One Tree MicrodevicesAnalog Devices, Inc.(ADI)亞德諾半導體公司宣佈收購位於美國加利福尼亞州Santa Rosa的OneTree Microdevices公司。ADI公司業界領先的混合訊號解決方案供應商,提供從資料轉換器、時脈到控制/電源調節等電纜接入解決方案。OneTree Microdevices的GaAs(砷化鎵)和GaN(氮化鎵)放大器具有業界最佳的線性度、輸出功率和效率;收購該公司及產品組合後,使ADI公司能夠支援下一代電纜接入網路的完整信號鏈。該筆交易的財務條款並未披露。

    ADI公司射頻和微波業務副總裁Greg Henderson表示:「Analog Devices和OneTree Microdevices強強聯手,將佔據獨特優勢地位,有助於因應當前有線電視營運商面臨頻寬和能源效率的挑戰,進而增強家庭和企業的寬頻互聯網服務。OneTree Microdevices擁有豐富的專業知識,加之ADI公司在GaN技術上的策略性重點,兩大優勢相結合,有利於擴展ADI公司針對基礎設施、防衛、儀器市場的高性能射頻和微波信號鏈解決方案組合。」

    當今的有線電視營運商期望借助DOCSIS 3.1(有線電纜數據服務介面規格)和Remote PHY等下一代架構來提高有線網路的容量。OneTree Microdevices的共同創辦人Chris Day表示:「我們非常高興能夠成為ADI的一份子,共同打造完整的電纜接入解決方案。ADI公司和OneTree Microdevices均直接與客戶、有線電視營運商和產業標準機構合作,推動電纜標準討論。我們將共同有效地協助有線電視營運商為家庭和企業用戶提供具有吸引力的成本和數據速率。」

    關於 OneTree Microdevices

    OneTree Microdevices是一家為新興寬頻網路應用提供解決方案的無晶圓廠半導體公司,總部位於美國加利福尼亞州的Santa Rosa。該公司主要開發用於有線電視和光纖到府網路的關鍵元件。欲知詳情,請造訪


    Analog Devices, Inc.(簡稱ADI)始終致力於設計與製造先進的半導體產品和優秀的解決方案。憑藉傑出的感測、測量和連接技術,搭建連接真實世界和數位世界的智慧化橋樑,從而協助客戶重新認識周圍的世界。詳情請瀏覽ADI官網

    This release may be deemed to contain forward-looking statements intended to qualify for the safe harbor from liability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements include, among other things, our statements regarding expected benefits of our acquisition of OneTree Microdevices, expected advances in our technology and product development efforts, including in the cable infrastructure market segments, and expected benefits and future development of the acquired products, technology and solutions, that are based on our current expectations, beliefs, assumptions, estimates, forecasts, and projections about the industry and markets in which Analog Devices operates. The statements contained in this release are not guarantees of future performance, are inherently uncertain, involve certain risks, uncertainties, and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Therefore, actual outcomes and results may differ materially from what is expressed in such forward-looking statements, and such statements should not be relied upon as representing Analog Devices' expectations or beliefs as of any date subsequent to the date of this press release. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the results described, implied or projected in any forward-looking statements include: higher than expected or unexpected costs associated with or relating to the transaction; the expected benefits, synergies and prospects of the transaction may not be achieved in a timely manner, or at all; the acquired products, technology and solutions may not be successfully integrated with ADI's following the closing; difficulty or delay in the design, development, production and marketing of the acquired products, technology and solutions; and other risk factors described in our most recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. We do not undertake any obligation to update forward-looking statements made by us.

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