LinearLab Tools

LinearLabTools is a collection of MATLAB® and Python programs that provide direct access to Linear Technology’s data converter evaluation boards.

An evaluation board for a data converter will typically plug into an accompanying controller board, which is then connected to a host computer running a Linear supplied GUI program such as PScope for Analog-to-Digital converters or LTDACgen for Digital-to-Analog converters. The GUI allows basic performance measurements to be made, but it is not designed to run arbitrary sequences of tests or communicate with other hardware, as is often required by customers when evaluating a part for their own application. LinearLabTools allows customers to control Linear’s data converter demo boards as they would any other piece of test equipment, using their own software.

There’s more…

The LinearLabTools package also contains various application examples, simulations, and educational programs that demonstrate mixed signal concepts.




1) 安装与所评估的演示板一起使用的相应GUI(ADC为PScope,DAC为LTDACgen),该板的演示手册中将对此详述。这样可确保安装正确的驱动程序,并在尝试通过LinearLabTools访问之前对系统的基本功能进行测试。

2) 按照该板演示手册中的程序进行操作。这包括为该板上电,施加适当的时钟信号并适当连接模拟输入和输出。

3) 下载LinearLabTools安装程序。同时提供32位和64位安装程序。选择与调用软件(例如,32或64位Matlab),而非操作系统匹配的版本。将此文件提取到任何方便的位置,但维持目录结构。



4m) Matlab 用户:所有LinearLabTools Matlab脚本均使用基本版本的Matlab进行测试,其中一些脚本需要信号处理工具箱以获取额外特性。如需要,可以注释掉这些特性。"


4p) Python 用户: 使相关性保持最低,但测试脚本需要NumPy、SciPy和Matplotlib。所有LinearLabTools Python脚本均使用Continuum Analytics提供的分布代码进行测试,可通过以下URL下载:




5p) 导航到\Python\DemoBoardExamples\LTCxxxx目录,其中xxxx是您所评估器件的产品型号。运行LTCxxxx_DCyyyy.py文件,此文件通常以一系列操作演示各种演示板特性。

5) 根据需要修改示例代码或将其纳入您自己的测试程序中!


What is LinearLabTools?


LinearLabTools is a software suite that allows customers to directly access data converter demo boards from their own software environment. A Windows DLL provides low-level access to the board through one of several interfaces. Example code in Matlab and Python is included to demonstrate basic operation.

Why Matlab?


This is one of the most common languages that customers use for evaluating products.

Why Python?


Because it’s free and open source. We have occasionally seen Python used in a similar way as Matlab.

Is any of this code useful for my end product?


LinearLabTools is primarily intended for product evaluation. There may be some code that can be leveraged for product development, such as register definitions.