For over 50 years, Analog Devices has been planning, designing, and building core technologies that make today’s 5G network infrastructure possible. It all culminated in the development and launch of one of the world’s first 5G networks in South Korea.

With industry-leading domain expertise, ADI helps customers design complex radio architectures for 5G full-spectrum systems, integrating unprecedented high performance with low power, security, and smart algorithms.

Analog Devices’ full signal-chain solutions enable 5G operators to focus on end-product performance while eliminating wasted time managing multiple technology vendors. A simplified supply chain with reduced implementation costs and increased speed to market was the result.

From sub-6 GHz through millimeter wave, Analog Devices’ comprehensive technology and capabilities portfolio supports customers and network infrastructure builds across the globe.

问答环节:对话ADI公司院士Tony Montalvo

Tony Montalvo


Tony Montalvo博士

Q: How does our understanding of the whole system position ADI to develop complex components or be a system-level developer?

Montalvo: While our customers obviously have a deeper understanding of the whole system, we have a deeper understanding of the capabilities of silicon which are always changing. If we simply responded to customer requests, we—and our customers—would be missing a huge opportunity. By having a conversation as equals, we can come to much better conclusions than either would come to individually.

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Bits to Beams: Chipset for 5G mmWave Radio

For hybrid beamforming architectures, Analog Devices’ “bits to beams” mmWave lineup provides a system-level offering encompassing the entire chain of digital, mixed-signal, IF and mmWave functionality, ending at the antenna array.

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Bits to Beams: Chipset for 5G mmWave Radio




The Making of One of the World’s First 5G Networks