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Analog Devices has a rich history of delivering system-level solutions to enable the warfighter and protect critical missions in the unforgiving vastness of space. Leverage our competitive edge to create your own. Watch ADI executives explain our distinct technical and system-level experience which enables manufacturers get to market faster.

前景展望:2020 年及以后的航空航天和防务

航空航天和防务部副主席布莱恩·戈德斯坦 (Bryan Goldstein) 与《微波杂志》 (Microwave Journal) 讨论了 2020 年的活动对航空航天和防务业的影响,以及 ADI 如何在充满挑战的环境中独树一帜。


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Analog Devices is the only company with expertise and technologies spanning the entire RF spectrum.

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