The AD6620 Evaluation Kit is designed to provide a very simple means to design and evaluate filter designs. The software tool kit consists of several components including a filter synthesis tool, documentation for the filter synthesis tool, evaluation board control software, evaluation board manual and a BSDL JTAG test file. The filter synthesis software allows easy comparison between different distributions of decimation between each of the stages. Since the chip is fully programmable, the synthesis tool allows detailed filter characteristics to be included when specifying desired filter performance. The software even allows for the performance of an external analog filter to be accounted for when designing a filter.

The evaluation board control software may be used to fully verify the performance of the AD6620. The control software contains many features that greatly simplify characterization of a filter design:

  • Runs on a personal computer using Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 service pack 3, 2000, or XP
  • Directly download filter design files created with the synthesizer software
  • NCO frequency can be swept to determine the real frequency characteristics of the designed filter
  • Supports full featured scripting language to automate testing of both AD6620 and general purpose ADCs
  • Can perform up to 64 K real FFT or up to 32 K complex FFT
  • Full data logging features
  • Software download is the latest revision and supercedes the version on CD-ROM

The complete software package is available at no charge. To download the AD6620 Software, select one of the links below:

The evaluation board includes:

  • One AD6620 soldered to the evaluation board
  • Header output that makes both parallel and serial outputs of the AD6620 available
  • Can be configured into existing radio architectures for in-system evaluations
  • Interfaces directly with the AD6600, AD6640, and AD6644 ADC Evaluation Boards/Tools
  • Can be interfaced with any ADC with data rates up to 67 MSPS with an appropriate test adapter
  • Includes high speed 16 K deep FIFO memory that can capture ADC data directly or the filter data out of the AD6620
  • Interfaces to a bi-directional PC printer interface (IEEE-1284) (cable not included)
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