An evaluation board that supports the AD9877 Broadband Modem MxFE can be ordered from Analog Devices. The board simplifies the evaluation of the AD9877 by providing connector access to the digital transmit and receive ports of the device. The digital ports are buffered for reliable data transmission. The on-chip configuration registers can be programmed through the use of a PC serial port. The serial port connects directly to a connector on the evaluation board, and the PC resident evaluation board software provides for a simple means of configuring the AD9877.

The analog DAC output, and ADC analog input can be accessed through SMA connectors or pin headers on the evaluation board. The jumper programmable interface configurations allow several different circuit options to suit different testing methods.


Technical notes are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).

The evaluation board for the AD9877 is the same board that was used for the AD9873; only the DUT has been changed. The schematics and artwork for this board can be downloaded using the links below:


The AD9877-EB software provides a graphical user interface that allows easy programming and querying of the AD9877 registers. Three programming windows are available. The Direct Register Access window allows AD9877 write and readback in decimal, binary or hexadecimal data formats. The Register Map window provides easy, function oriented programming of the AD9877 registers. In this window all of the MxFETM functions are displayed graphically on the screen. Configuration hints are provided when the cursor is moved over the input fields. When the input fields are entered, the AD9877 is updated by clicking a single WRITE button. The Advanced Register Access window allows programming of sequences of register accesses.

To download the software, select the link below:


For more detailed information on the AD9877 or the evaluation tools, contact our MxFE Development Group.

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