ClearSignal-Auto™ is a package of Software IP, providing multimode Digital Broadcasting capability in an automotive receiver. Executed on a Blackfin processor by Analog Devices, this is a proven solution that has been deployed in high-end German automotive cars.

Example of ClearSignal-Auto integration with the Customer's system

ClearSignal-Auto was designed to be included in the modern infotainment environment, where the digital receiver is part of a high-tech system that is connected to other hardware and sensors, such as mobile phones, navigation devices and downloaded content.

Key Features:

  • Designed for fading environment
  • Optimal resource usage of Blackfin- Enables CPU sharing with other applications
  • Soft Solution - Flexibility enables updates and upgrades on existing hardware
  • iDAB API - Comprehensive set of functions enables bin integration with customer software
  • Supports multiple Digital Radio Broadcasting standards - DAB, DAB+, DMB-TS, DRM, and HD Radio

Broadcasting Standards Supported

  • DAB (Europe, Australia, etc. - ETSI EN 300 401) and DAB+ (ETSI TS 102 563 v1.1.1)
  • T-DMB (Korea TTAS.KO-07.0026 and Europe ETSI TS 102 427 / 428)
  • DRM (ETSI TS 101 980)
  • HD Radio – ITU-R BS.1114

Main Benefits

  • Dedicated and proven solution for the Automotive environment
  • Produces high-performance receivers
  • Rapid design cycle
  • Fast and easy integration for a large range of system configurations
  • Cost-effective (low BOM of the end product)
  • Integration services at customer site

Key Application Area

  • Car Telematics - Mobile Entertainment/Digital Radio

Short Description of Platform

Designed to be quickly and efficiently integrated into an existing system already based on ADI's Blackfin processor, the innovative ClearSignal-Auto maximizes the usage efficiency of the existing hardware resources (DSP and memory), thus leaving a sufficient amount for the existing applications. ClearSignal-Auto can be used on either a single Blackfin processor or in a multiple-chip configuration and the result is a fast and cost-effective development cycle.

A complete Digital Radio solution executed on a single Blackfin comprises:

  • ClearSignal Baseband Decoders
  • ClearSignal Audio Decoders (MPEG-2 Layer II, MP3, HE-AAC and WMA)
  • Customer’s applications


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