ADP2311:  Dual 1 A, 18 V Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with Fail-safe Voltage Monitoring



The ADP2311 is a fully integrated, dual output, synchronous step-down dc-to-dc regulator. The regulator operates from input voltages of 4.5 V to 18 V, and the output can regulate down to 0.6 V. Each channel can provide up to 1 A of continuous output current.

The ADP2311 integrates the high-side and low-side MOSFETs to provide a very high efficiency, compact solution. Both channels of the regulator run at 180° out of phase to reduce the input ripple current and the input capacitor size, thereby helping to lower system electromagnetic interference (EMI). The ADP2311 also integrates internal compensation and soft start circuitry to simplify the design.

An on-chip watchdog timer can reset the microprocessor if it fails to strobe within a preset timeout period. Accurate voltage monitoring circuitry and a power fail comparator provide a controlled power-up and power-down sequence to enhance system reliability.

The ADP2311 also includes undervoltage lockout (UVLO), overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP), and thermal shutdown (TSD).

The ADP2311 operates over the −40°C to +125°C junction temperature range and is available in a 24-lead LFCSP package.


  • Industrial and instrumentation
  • Healthcare and medical
  • DC-to-dc point of load applications


  • Input voltage: 4.5 V to 18 V
  • ±1.0% output accuracy
  • Integrated MOSFET:
    110 mΩ/ 60 mΩ typical
  • Continuous output current:
    1 A/ 1 A
  • Power fail comparator generates warning
  • Power-on reset with programmable delay timer
  • Adjustable voltage monitor for power down (channel 2)
  • Watchdog refresh input
  • Dual phase with 180° out of phase operation
  • Fixed switching frequency:
    300 kHz
  • Internal compensation and soft start
  • See data sheet for additional features

Typical Application Circuit Diagram for ADP2311


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ADP2311: 双通道、1 A、18 V同步降压稳压器,集成故障安全电压监控功能 (Rev A, 03/2014) (pdf, 813 kB) 产品数据手册 PDF
ADP2311: Dual 1 A, 18 V, Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with Fail-Safe Voltage Monitoring Data Sheet (Rev A, 03/2014) (pdf, 615 kB) 产品数据手册 PDF
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UG-653:提供故障保护电压监控的双通道、1 A、18 V同步降压稳压器ADP2311的评估板  (pdf, 329 kB) 用户指导 PDF
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