Analog Devices is committed to serving the needs of the world space community by manufacturing the highest quality data conversion and signal processing products.
Analog Devices’ entry into the space level market occurred in August 1990 when it acquired Precision Monolithics Inc. located in Santa Clara, California. Analog Devices’ certified facilities have been supplying products for military and space applications since 1972. Analog Devices now offers state-of-the-art, data conversion and linear products to the space market place which were previously only available as commercial or military Class B products.
Analog Devices space level operations located in Greensboro, North Carolina coordinates all space level V (class S) activities, including business development, manufacturing and engineering. The addition of new products is derived from our customers’ needs and the ability of these products to meet MIL-PRF-38535 QML level V requirements.

Space Qualified Product information can be found at the following link or call our factory contacts for the latest Class S updates as well as for radiation information on these and other products.

A/D Converters
AD571S Aerospace 10-Bit Complete Anolog to Digital Converter
AD574S Aerospace 12-Bit-ADC w/Microprocessor Interface
AD670S Aerospace 8-Bit Low Cost Signal Conditioning Single Supply
AD1671S Aerospace 12-Bit 1.25 MSPS ADC
AD1672S Aerospace 12-Bit 3 MSPS ADC
AD6645S Aerospace 14-Bit, 80 MSPS ADC
AD9054AS Aerospace 8-Bit 200 MSPS ADC
AD9042S Aerospace 12-Bit 41 MSPS ADC
AD9058S Aerospace 8-Bit Dual 50 MSPS ADC
AD9283S Aerospace 8-Bit, 100 MSPS Analog to Digital Converter
AD8561S Aerospace 7nS Single Comparator
PM111S Aerospace Precision Voltage Comparator
PM139S Aerospace Quad Low-Power Voltage Comparator
D/A Converters
AD561S Aerospace 10-Bit, Current Output DAC
AD565S Aerospace 12-Bit, Current Output, Complete High Speed DAC
AD667S Aerospace 12-Bit Microprocessor Compatible DAC
AD768S Aerospace 16-Bit, 30 MSPS Digital to Analog Converter
AD9731S Aerospace 10-Bit 170MSPS DAC
DAC08S Aerospace 8-Bit High Speed Multiplying DAC
DAC100S Aerospace 10-Bit Current Output DAC
Instrumentation Amplifiers
AD524S Aerospace Instrumentation Amplifier
AMP01S Aerospace Low-Noise Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
AD534S Aerospace Internally Trimmed Precision IC Multiplier
Operational Amplifiers
AD648S Aerospace Dual Precision, Low Power BiFET Op Amp
AD844S Aerospace 60 MHz, 2000V/µS Op Amp
AD847S Aerospace High Speed, Low Power Op Amp
AD8001S Aerospace 800 MHz, 50mW Current Feedback Amplifier
AD8041S Aerospace 160 MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifier with Disable
AD8138S Aerospace 320 MHz Low Distortion Differential Amplifier
AD8351S Aerospace Low Distortion Fully Differential RF/IF Amplifier
AD8629S Aerospace Zero Drift, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Operational Amplifier
OP07S Aerospace Ultra Low Offset Voltage Op Amp
OP11S Aerospace Quad Matched 741-Type Op Amp
OP12S Aerospace Precision Low Input Current Operational Amplifier
OP15S Aerospace Precision JFET-Input Op Amp
OP16S Aerospace Precision JFET-Input Op Amp
OP22S Aerospace Programmable Micro Power Op Amp
OP27S Aerospace Low Noise Precision Op Amp
OP37S Aerospace Low Noise Precision High Speed Op Amp
OP42S Aerospace High Speed, Fast Settling Precision JFET-Input
OP43S Aerospace Low IB, Fast JFET-Input Op Amp
OP77S Aerospace Ultralow Offset Voltage Operational Amplifier
OP200S Aerospace Dual Low-Offset, Low Power Op Amp
OP207S Aerospace Dual Ultra-Low VOS Matched Op Amp
OP215S Aerospace Dual Precision JFET Input Op Amp
OP227S Aerospace Dual Low Noise Low Offset Inst. Op Amp
OP270S Aerospace Dual Very Low Noise Precision Op Amp
OP400S Aerospace Quad Low-Offset, Low-Power Op Amp
OP467S Aerospace Quad High-Speed Precision Op Amp
OP470S Aerospace Very Low-Noise Quad Op Amp
OP471S Aerospace High Speed Low Noise Quad Op Amp
OP484S Aerospace Precision, Rail-to-Rail Input & Output Operational Amplifier
PM108S Aerospace Low Input Current Operational Amplifier
PM155S Aerospace Monolithic JFET Input Operational Amplifier
PM156S Aerospace Monolithic JFET Input Operational Amplifier
Voltage References
AD584S Aerospace Pin Programmable Precision Voltage Reference
AD589S Aerospace Precision 1.2 Volt IC Reference
REF01S Aerospace ±10V Precision Voltage Reference
REF02S Aerospace +5V Precision Voltage Ref./Temp. Transducer
REF05S Aerospace +5V Precision Voltage Reference
REF10S Aerospace +10V Precision Voltage Reference
REF43S Aerospace +2.5V Low-Power Precision Voltage Reference
Switches and Multiplexers
ADG201S Aerospace 60 Ω, Quad SPST Switch
MUX08S Aerospace 8-Channel/Dual 4-Channel JFET Analog Multiplexer (Overvoltage & Power Supply Loss Protected)
MUX16S Aerospace 16-Channel/Dual 8-Channel JFET Analog Multiplexer (Overvoltage & Power Supply Loss Protected)
SW201S Aerospace Quad SPST JFET Analog Switch
Sample-and-Hold Amplifiers
AD585S Aerospace High Speed, Precision Sample-and-Hold Amplifier
SMP11S Aerospace Low Droop Rate/Accurate Sample/Hold Amp
Other Functions
AD2S80S Aerospace Variable Resolution Resolver-to-Digital Converter
AD590S Aerospace 2 Terminal Temperature Transducer, 1uA/°K
AD537S Aerospace Voltage to Frequency Converter, ±30V to 150kHz
AD8346S Aerospace 2.5 GHZ Direct Conversion Quadrature Modulator
AD9814S Aerospace Low Power 14-Bit, 3-Channel CCD Signal Processor with Progammable Serial Interface and Byte-Wide Data Output Format
MAT02S Aerospace Low Noise, Matched Dual NPN Transistor
MAT03S Aerospace Low Noise, Matched Dual PNP Transistor
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