Linear Isolators

Linear Isolators provide power supply designers with a higher performing, single-chip alternative to isolation techniques based on optocouplers and shunt regulators. Designed for linear feedback power supplies using primary side controllers, the ADuM3190 and ADuM4190 isolated error amplifiers have a 400-kHz bandwidth, with 0.5% typical initial accuracy at 25°C and 1% total accuracy over the extended temperature range of –40˚C to +125˚C. This provides manufacturers of ac-to-dc and dc-to-dc power supplies, including those that are DOSA (Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance)-compliant, with a significant upgrade in speed and operating temperature range, as well as a 5× improvement in transient response.


Linear Isolators

Part# Insulation Rating (kVrms)-3dB BandwidthAccuracy (%)Vin min (V)Vin max (V)Vout (V p-p)maxVout (V p-p)minUS-Price-1000-to-4999
ADUM41905KV rms400KHz1%400mV1.5V5V p-p400mV p-p $1.2
ADUM31902.5KV rms400KHz1%400mV1.5V5V p-p400mV p-p $1.04
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