The TxDAC family evaluation boards allow for easy setup and testing of any TxDAC product in the 28-lead SOIC and LFCSP packages. Careful attention to layout and circuit design, combined with a prototyping area, allows the user to evaluate the AD9740 easily and effectively in any application where high resolution, high speed conversion is required.

This board allows the user the flexibility to operate the AD9740 in various configurations. Possible output configurations include transformer coupled, resistor terminated, and single and differential outputs. The digital inputs are designed to be driven from various word generators, with the on-board option to add a resistor network for proper load termination. Provisions are also made to operate the AD9740 with either the internal or external reference or to exercise the power-down feature.

For complete information, please refer to the AD9740 Data Sheet which is available from the AD9740 product page.

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